High fives and big hugs!

I’m so excited to have a creative outlet to share my heart and my thoughts with all of you! An avenue to lift others up and throw around some kindness.

So thank you. I appreciate you being here! I hope the words you read will fill you up and meet a need for encouragement however that presents itself to you.

I definitely don’t claim to be an expert. But, through trial and error, trial and success, trial and…more trials I guess I’ve got a thing or two I can talk about! “)

(is it ok to type smiley faces? cause I’m totally doing it.) ;P :{}  🙂

Today, in this first ever blog post, I’d like to share with you a bit of me. Get cozy and grab a cup of coffee, wiggle those slipper-clad toes, and push up your reading glasses. Hope you’re in for the long haul!

I’m wife to my incredible husband, Thomas. He really is the most amazing person and golly, I’m so blessed we chose each other. Pretty sure I could write multiple books on “us”. (Good thing I have a blog now so I can talk all about how we met and what it’s like being married to this fella!)

We co-own Porter Barn Wood, Porter Iron Works, and Our Block Co. We work hard ya’ll! Like really hard and it’s exactly where we’re supposed to be right now! Feel free to check out: www.porterbarnwood.com


“Mooooom!!!” Hands down, THE absolute best, hardest, heart and mind blowing title out there! Being mom to these two amazingly bright, kind, and beautiful souls has been the most fulfilling and transforming honor of my life. As they grow and mature my pride swells! And at the same time I yearn for those fleeting baby and toddler moments. I have a hard time remembering those sleep deprived early years. So when those memories pop up, a random photo or video with their tiny voice and mannerisms, ugh I often tear up and puddle melt inside. I truly am surrounded by the most wonderful people right here in my own home!

Everyday I ask for grace. As a born again Christian that means I love others when it ain’t easy, cry real tears, feel real gut punch feelings, get on my knees, and am overwhelmed by the found hope God offers us through Jesus.

Humbled to have been so blessed…with that I’m going to launch right into post number two! Here we go…!