Give this a listen. It made me smirk! 

“Family is Family” by Kasey Musgraves

I don’t know about you, but all kinds of scenarios and “loved ones” popped into my head during that song! Written in jest, this may be more of the redneck variety. But we all got ’em! Family is going to look and mean something different to each one of us.

There’s the ones we cherish, the ones we hate, the ones born in, the ones we’re asked to welcome, the ones who get ousted, the ones who’ve impacted us in insurmountable ways good and bad, the ones we choose to call family…all are woven into our journey of life.  

{Big bowl full of truth right there.}  

Recently while visiting business acquaintances, I had the good fortune of meeting a sweet matriarch, of a local family, who introduced herself with tea and brownies in hand. Through conversation she told me how she has saved her children’s and grandchildren’s clothing with the hopes of somehow finding a memorable use for repurposing them. She stumbled upon the hobby craft of Rag Rug making.  

Pleased as punch, she took me on a guided tour of the many rugs placed throughout her home and her basement maker’s space. After all these years her delicate art has expanded to quite the operation!  I patiently listened to her recount how she found her loom, how her husband put it together without instructions, how it’s unique industrial metal design requires oiling of the gears…etc. She then explained to me the process of cutting strips of fabric, threading the hundreds of strings on the loom, and the magic that ensues to produce her rag rugs.


As I stood there and looked at the bins of cotton, denim, and miscellaneous fabric, it struck me how every piece of cloth, every shirt, every old sock that she’s salvaged has a story. And not unlike the business that we are in…she’s retelling that history in a unique and beautiful way. 

She shared how she made a rug out of her late daughter’s electric heating blanket. Another out of a  velvet garment that could only produce a small closet sized piece but was so luxurious feeling I wanted to take my shoes off right then and let my toes sink in. Being the practical midwesterner that she is, she explained that everything is washing machine friendly. If properly threaded they should last for years and years. She spoke of how she adores creating rugs with her husband’s denim work pants. A family provider that keeps on giving. How poignant.


I am reminded how like those rag rugs, family is intricately woven. Some pieces are worn, some bright, some soft, some sturdy…but we’re stuck together. Threads of hope and love and grace holding us tight. 

Each of us in our own unique situation has an opportunity…an opportunity to embrace the talent we’ve been given. It is a skill to love and forgive. Do the hard work and create something to be proud of. 

Maybe that means picking up the phone and reconnecting with a family member. Maybe that means setting a boundary where there needs to be one. Maybe that means planning a special celebration. Or busting out the photo albums, or visiting a grave site, or sending a card. 

Focus on the people under your roof, guide your kids, support your spouse…however it is, love them hard. And don’t forget to laugh!

You can come up with your own symbolic analogy, but the truth remains. Family means something different to each of us. Family is Family.