I don’t consider myself a writer. At least, not yet.  Not in the professional sense anyway. Someday I want to be able to add that to my resume. Shout it from the mountain tops and say, “I’m a Writer! An Author! It’s what I do!”

I love the idea of holing up in a cabin, surrounded by the forest, wind whistling past the windows, a hot cup of tea in my hand, slippered feet and a cozy sweater on, ready to write my next best-selling children’s book or a quoted journal or some deep thinker article. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?! Someday…

Writing stories, thoughts, quotes, words that just pop into my head and heart have alway been a passion of mine. Why not share it? (Insert deer in the headlights big eyed emoji!) Holy Buckets! Well, frankly, it scares the living daylights out of me! Starting the BARN WOOD WIFE site and blog has been absolutely nerve-racking. This ain’t easy folks. What the heck am I doing?! Sharing my own personal deep thoughts and experiences is…well, kinda terrifying! And yet, I love the idea of sharing.  It’s important. People need it. (again weird, but I’m stepping out in faith.)

You know those little truth nuggets that just stick with you? …light bulb moments…I want to give that to you. Sharing words that have filled my heart, lifted my soul, guided and given me peace. Then it’s your job to pass it on. Keep spreading love and kindness and grace. Why? Because it’s beautiful.

Below is a poem I wrote years ago, before I had children. Something God tucked deep inside. It came out in these words. I often print it out and give it as a baby shower or new mother gift. What a time of newness, excitement, and vulnerability. A perfect reflection of my current emotions. I hope that it speaks to you in some way. Sharing the beauty in truth is glorious!

“Beauty Is In You”

By Emy Porter

Beauty is in a Mother’s face as she cradles precious love.
Beauty is in the knowing glance shared by Mother and Father as they hold life’s most intimate secret.
Beauty is in her walk and the rounded curve of protection, grace, and tenderness.
Beauty is in the song that dances on her lips.
Beauty is in her soaring laughter.
Beauty in her tears of joy…tears of confusion…tears of aspiration.
Beauty is in her faith that all her most treasured dreams will come true.
Beauty is trusting the unknown purpose.
Beauty is in this quiet moment, gazing into the face of forever.
Beauty surrounds us in all things.
Beauty is in you.

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